There Comes a Time

Several months ago, I was sitting in my apartment early one morning and fretting over a difficult decision I needed to make in the not-too-distant future. In actuality, it wasn’t all that arduous of a choice because I knew deep down what it was that I had to do. On the surface, however, my fear-based ego believed it knew otherwise. In the middle of my rumination, a text message came through from my daughter: a single red heart that eased my concerns, as I knew full well that no matter what decision I made regarding that particular situation, I would continue to have her and my son’s unwavering love. It also occurred to me that I have several friends and colleagues who would encourage and support me whichever route I chose to take. Now that the decision has been made, I try to remember this when self-doubt and the fear of failure creep in and show their worried faces. Like overprotective parents, I know they simply want to keep me safe and free from harm, but there comes a time when a kid just needs to go outside and play.