I once heard a Buddhist monk say something to the effect of “What comes from the heart goes straight to the heart.” In that spirit, it’s my hope that what came from mine will go directly to yours.

Of Goodness


a garden of goodness
invite the first seed
to be
that of your own

water it often
tears work well

just sit
and watch how
your garden grows

Rusted Moon

rusted moon
why so shy

just a sliver
above the tree line


it took
a friend
to find you

it’s okay

shine when
you are ready

but you
know this

of course

This Is Why

where else
will someone
offer their hand
asking only
that I be happy
in return

where else
will someone
offer flowers
or a cup of tea
asking only
that I be at peace
in return

and where else
will someone
simply offer their smile
as we say goodbye
asking only
that one day
i return

this is why

Daily Chores

if only

was this simple
that with just

a spool of pink ribbon
we could neatly

then store away
those things

that have now
served their purpose

our shame
our regret
our fear and trepidation

faithfully entrusted
to a shedful of bees


what if

was simply

that things are
going to be okay

as we smile

and make
our way home

through the
crisp and fading
colors of fall

As I Wander

i like
to walk
the quiet streets
those with
ornate black iron

the people

do they
silently long
for a simpler life

i wonder

I Would Never Have Known

i heard
that today

you’ll say goodbye
to your mother

i would never
have known

as you kindly

inviting me in
to wash my hands


i don’t know
big words

but I know how
to make a sandwich
how to pack a lunch box

vanilla pudding
a spoon
a folded paper napkin

loving words
on a small square
of orange paper