The Quiet of Early Morning

I recently moved out of the city, which means I no longer have immediate access to the park in which I loved to walk for the past handful of years. Fortunately, there happens to be a beautiful, tree-lined trail near my new place onto which I can get out and spend some time in nature. My usual route takes me north about a mile and a half where I always pause for a few minutes and listen to the creek making its way across the accumulation of assorted rocks below the bridge. It’s there, looking out over nothing but water and trees, that I often have the desire to just keep walking; leaving everything behind and seeing where life leads. Though it certainly sounds romantic, rest assured that I have no intention whatsoever of doing any such thing (at least for now, anyway). Nevertheless, there is something about the quiet of early morning there that makes the thought of embarking on such an odyssey an enticing one.