My Hope

I recently updated my Psychology Today profile with the following Note on Top Specialties:

“I have the good fortune to work with the most beautiful and caring people who are courageously struggling with what it means to be human, which may present itself in daily life as anxiety, depression, inauthenticity, relationship issues, etc. Whatever the case may be, my hope is that, together, we can learn to compassionately take responsibility for our lives and ultimately find meaning in them.”

Being limited to 400 characters, I wasn’t able to get across everything I actually wanted to say, particularly regarding how so many of the lovely people who enter my office have, unfortunately but understandably, lost touch with their inner beauty somewhere along the way. They may have also sadly found that making an effort to be kind and trying to do the right thing aren’t necessarily ingredients for success. Therefore, in addition to the above, it’s my sincere hope that they’ll arrive at a place through our time together where they’re able to see and accept in themselves what it is that I see in them: something beautiful, of course.